Sharpen Blade MOD APK v1.22.0 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher ZPLAY Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 41M
  • Version 1.22.0
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
  • Get it on Google Play


Sharpen Blade MOD APK – a new simulation game of the publisher ZPLAY Games is being very much interested by players. Recently, we can see that ZPLAY Games is getting more and more popular. They released many new mobile game products, they are all loved. Not long ago, we introduced you to some of their games such as Idle Digging Tycoon or Idle Robbery. Most of their games are simple, but addictive.

This new Sharpen Blade game has just been released a few days ago. It brings a simulation gameplay is not too complicated, but brings satisfaction to you when playing. You will control lathes and pieces of metal to form a product. These are unique swords that can destroy anything. Most importantly, it is an extremely easy play, anyone can play it.

Slash everything with the sword you make

Joining the Sharpen Blade, you will be given the task of creating swords from rudimentary metal rods. In each level, you will have to create a different weapon. The game requires your ingenuity to create the most sophisticated products. After creating successful products, you also have to check their quality by crushing an object. Each level will have a specific difficulty, which is the level of detail of the weapon. If you successfully create a weapon and pass the test, you can complete that level. After each level, you will receive some bonuses. This money is used to upgrade and unlock new items.

The stages of creating a sword

In each level, you will have a role model to create a sword like that pattern. Initially, you have a rudimentary piece of iron, you must apply your ingenuity to be able to form beautiful swords. The first step. You need to shape the sword with cutters of different shapes. The system will automatically select the appropriate machine to match the shape of the sword. After shaping, you will use grindstone to make the sword sharper. The final stage is to attach the hilt. The hardest part is shaping the sword. It requires you to have absolute accuracy.

Images and sounds

For the image, the game Sharpen Blade is designed not too prominent with 2D graphics. All the images in are just simple lathes, the swords that you create, some objects for you to slash. As for the sound, the game is quite well completed. Sound effects when you forge a sword, sharpen a sword, and slash objects. The sound is extremely vivid, giving you an extremely interesting experience.

Main features

  • Become a master in forging swords
  • Create unique swords that sharpen and slash everything
  • Various weapon systems, with elaborate swords
  • Forge the keys to collect bonuses
  • Unlock new objects so you can try the sharpness of the sword
  • Play the game completely free

MOD information

  • Unlimited Money: you will have a lot of money for upgrading and unlocking new objects
  • No Ads: Ads have been removed completely free. You can just play the game while turning on the internet to chat with friends. Most importantly, you won’t be bothered by those annoying ads

Download Sharpen Blade MOD APK

Play Sharpen Blade game, you will see the satisfaction when creating your product, and crush everything with the sword you create. This simple gameplay will suit every audience, including children. This entertaining game can help you reduce stress and fatigue after strenuous work. Download Sharpen Blade MOD APK now to experience it!

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