Slap Kings MOD APK v1.2.5 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Gameguru
  • OS Android
  • Size 99M
  • Version 1.2.5
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
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It seems that slapping others is the action of the thugs, or the two of them fighting. But for now, slapping is a sport chosen to compete as an adventure sport. Many people will participate in the slap competition, to see who has the most powerful hand force. Slap competitions were organized more, and the number of participants was also great. However, this is a dangerous discipline, for those who are really strong and have good stamina. So you should not try it, without superior health. But you can try it out with the Slap Kings game.

Slap Kings MOD APK is an extremely interesting action role-playing game. It was developed and launched by Gameguru. This is a recent emerging game developer, there are also many games that get the love of the players. Coming to the game, you will be immersed in any character, and conquer the slap each other. Can you defeat the giants with your ability? Join the game Slap Kings to start that journey.

Entertaining action play

Start the game, you will play a guy with a relatively small body. The body is not large, but this character is quite strong with quite a strong slap. You will embark on a journey to defeat all your opponents in this dangerous discipline. You will go through each different levels to conquer the game. In each level, you will face different opponents. You need to note that body is not the deciding factor, but skill.

The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to choose the right time to hit the opponent in the face with a slap. You and your opponent will have a certain amount of blood, maybe not equal and slap each other in turn. Whoever runs out of blood first will lose. There will be a bar showing the force of the slap, a needle moving over that force bar. You need to choose the most appropriate time, when the needle in the middle of the bar shows the force. If you can hit the slap with the strongest force in the middle (green) the opponent will be greatly reduced in blood. If you lose, you must play that level again until you pass, then move on to the next level.


As the level goes on, your opponent gets stronger and stronger. So you need to be stronger to defeat them. You have two ways to increase your chances of winning. The first is to upgrade the amount of blood, so you can be defeated longer. The second stat that needs to be upgraded is the power, upgrading this stat so you get more powerful slaps, increasing the damage for each slap the opponent.

Main features

  • Experience the gameplay extremely attractive and satisfying
  • Defeat every opponent with your strong hand
  • Conquer every level, become the Slap Kings
  • Constantly upgrade for your character, to be stronger
  • Eye-catching images, realistic sound effects for your best experience

MOD information

  • Unlimited Money: At the beginning, you don’t have any coins. After playing the first level, you get 50 coins, from which you can use the money to upgrade for free. The amount will only increase without decreasing
  • No Ads: Remove ads for free, you can still turn on the network when playing

Download Slap Kings MOD APK

With unique gameplay like never before, Slap Kings gives you an unforgettable experience. You can unleash slap anyone, with the strongest force possible. Since this is a fun game, you will not be charged with anyone, and the person you slapped will not affect anything. Every time you defeat an opponent, you will definitely find it extremely comfortable. An extremely interesting game, sure to be a lot of players love. Here is the link to download the Slap Kings MOD APK game, you can download it now to experience it!

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