Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK v1.48 download free for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Ray Spark
  • OS Android
  • Size 34
  • Version 1.48
  • MOD Features Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK is the latest version of Ray Spark’s famous Slaughter game series. The game was just released on September 15 recently for mobile platforms, via Google Play and AppStore. Accordingly, the new part 3 will be sold at a price equivalent to the previous two versions is $ 1.49, a very small price. Instead of buying a cake, you can own this engaging role-playing action game Slaughter 3: The Rebels.

Recalling a little about Slaughter, this is a series of popular action role-playing game of Ray Spark. Previously, there were two versions launched, both support for mobile platforms with a relatively small price of about $ 1. These two versions are loved by players all over the world, albeit a paid game. Here we find out what this new version of Slaughter 3: The Rebels has compared to the previous versions. And the link to download the game Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK will be placed at the end of the article.

The story of the game

The game takes you to a hidden city of the world, not many people know this place. The city also built a large prison for criminals. The criminals sentenced to permanent prison will be brought to this place. There are thousands of thieves, thugs and murderers, they are still very aggressive and show no signs of changing their character. They continually create treason and try to escape with insane revolt. And then they tried to break the wall and escape from prison to commit criminal acts. All employees and security were massacred by them, and the people of this city had to go to the nearby forest to escape.

Join the game, you will play a soldier with the mission impossible in a chaotic world, without rules and rules. The return of criminals has made this city more turbulent than ever. You need to find a way to contact your teammates, equipped with the best weapons to fight them. Your goal is to bring peace to the city, to quell the extravagance of the fugitives.

The main feature of the game

  • Fight with many different types of enemies. Each enemy has its own power and must have its own attack
  • Various weapon systems for you to choose
  • You can interact with your partner and equip your team with the best
  • Unique story with many dramatic and attractive details
  • Diverse game modes
  • Survive in Arena mode, defeat all enemies and win
  • A mysterious city with a series of pitfalls, dangers and many mysterious things is waiting for you to discover
  • Eye-catching 3D graphics but not large capacity
  • Optimized for most mobile devices
  • The control system is quite simple and easy to get used to

MOD feature

  • Use enough money to increase the amount of money
  • You can force the use of the currency to increase the counter-increment when buying the skin

Download Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK

Coming to the new version of Slaughter 3: The Rebels, you still have the feeling of familiar experience with the action game like the previous two versions. But you will not be bored because the game is adding some new features and content. Overall, this is an attractive action game that you cannot miss in the near future. The following is the link to download the game Slaughter 3: The Rebels MOD APK for you to download for free and experience.

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