Soulworker ZERO APK v0.00.0019 download for Android

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  • Publisher APROGEN GAMES
  • OS Android
  • Size 54MB
  • Version 0.00.0019
  • MOD Features No
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Soulworker ZERO APK is a new role-playing game that is making many players around the world curious because it is receiving great attention from the gaming community. This game was released by Aprogen Healthcare & Games Inc. Perhaps you already know about Soulworker, this is a brand of popular RPG game released in 2016 for the PC platform by Lion Games. And Soulworker ZERO is the mobile version of this game brand, and it has been refreshed to fit the mobile platform and makes it new for players to experience without being bored.

Currently publisher Aprogen Healthcare & Games Inc. Soulworker’s ZERO opened the closed beta in Korea, and players across the globe can play this game through our Soulworker ZERO APK version below. But first, let’s find out what the standout mobile version of this brand of game has to offer, whether it can bring the popularity of Soulworker to years ago.

Familiar role playing gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Soulworker ZERO was developed based on the original PC version that was successful on PC a few years ago. But the unit that created it was the strange VisionBros, not the Lion Games. The impressive points that Soulworker is the favorite PC version will still appear in this mobile version. The game is still developed based on the story and old content but will be added with new details. You will enjoy crazy matches, non-stop attacks with screen swipe gestures.

The familiar plot of this mobile version is still post-apocalypse, you will assume the role of a Soul Worker, chosen as the savior of humanity. You have the opportunity to conquer challenges with more than 100 PvE dungeons. Behind that, there are many BOSSs with terrible power waiting for you to defeat. In addition to AI and guild modes, you can participate in exciting real-time PvP matches to compete with other players around the world. An interesting feature in this game is the unique emotional system with revenge, madness, excitement or sadness that determines the characters’ abilities. With the emotional system, you can easily

Animation graphics

Still a familiar animation style, Soulworker ZERO brings a familiar feeling to those who have played Soulworker for PC three years ago. But this mobile version is designed specifically for mobile platforms with 3D graphics quality, so the game image is even more beautiful than the original on the PC. Add to that eye-catching visual effects, opening dramatic and lively matches like never before. You will be mesmerized by beautiful girls in the game, not only are they designed with their own faces and shapes but also equipped with unique costumes.

Download Soulworker ZERO APK

Although it has not been officially released yet, Soulworker ZERO is receiving positive feedback from players. It is expected that the game will be officially released in September next. Currently the game is in beta, so you can play it through the Soulworker ZERO APK file below. We will update the game download link as soon as possible to the reader.

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