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SpellForce: Heroes & Magic – The ultimate strategy game

SpellForce is an attractive real-time strategy game series for PC, developed by EA Phenomic. There have been a lot of versions released for this top-notch game series, and every version has been enjoyed by players all over the world. But the official versions of this game are not released for mobile platforms. So recently, a mobile game company, HandyGames, developed a SpellForce theme game called SpellForce: Heroes & Magic.

Developer HandyGames received the official license from the owner of the Phenomic series to develop the version of SpellForce: Heroes & Magic for mobile. And this version has just been released in full version on April 26, after the release of the pre-registration version at the end of March. The game was released at a high price of $ 8.99, you need to spend a lot of money and have a new account to play the game version on Google Play. So we offer you the free version of SpellForce: Heroes & Magic APK for you to experience easily.

Strategic gameplay is changed

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic will bring Spellforce’s epic mythical world to mobile devices, with a completely new perspective and unique new features that will surely make you feel excited. But this new version will open a whole new land with separate stories, not at all related to the plot of the original version on PC. The most important point in this mobile version is that the gameplay of the game is changed quite markedly from real-time strategy to turn-based play. Accordingly the game will have 13 main missions, where you have to fight on randomly generated maps to complete your mission. At the beginning of the game, there are 3 races: Dark Elf, Orc or Human, with each character and army will have different ways of playing and magic and you have to choose one of those three races.

The world map of the game is divided into hexagonal boxes like the famous Heroes & Magic series. Where you have to control your army to conquer cities, occupy resources or farms to get a stable source of income, destroy neutral troops on a map or monster to fight for the treasure they keep. Each land area in the game when you gain will allow you to recruit new units to complement the defect of the race you originally selected, which makes a virtual variation in the army and lift formation. Tactical elements to new heights when you have to deploy troops and coordinate them reasonably to defeat the opponent.

Sharp images, overview

As with the original SpellForce versions that impress players in graphics quality, this version of SpellForce: Heroes & Magic is equally impressive when equipped with high quality 3D graphics on PC. As mentioned, the image style as well as image creation in this mobile version will be similar to the original, only different in content and gameplay. As you have seen below, shaping the character, the monster in the game is quite detailed and eye-catching. With a top-down view, SpellForce: Heroes & Magic will let you watch your game easily, this is a perfect choice for a turn-based strategy game.

Download SpellForce: Heroes & Magic APK Free

With the familiar strategy play of the SpellForce line comes with new role-playing role-playing elements, it will surely bring an extremely interesting experience to you. Right below will be the link to download game SpellForce: Heroes & Magic APK completely free for you. You need to download two files as APK and OBB to install this game on your device.

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