State of Survival MOD APK v1.8.31 (No Cost Energy) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher KingsGroup Holdings
  • OS Android
  • Size 138M
  • Version 1.8.31
  • MOD Features No Cost Energy
  • Get it on Google Play


State of Survival MOD APK – survival game has been interested by a lot of players in recent times. It is a new product of publisher KingsGroup Holdings, launched not too long ago. This is a survival game with a familiar Zombie theme developed with realistic 3D graphics. It can be seen that recently, the trend of survival games has changed to the topic of apocalypse and Zombie, not in the direction of PUBG. State of Survival has many outstanding features of the current survival game series, and also has many unique features for you to explore. Please refer to the game introduction below, before downloading State of Survival MOD APK at the end of the article.

Background of the game

Pandemic broke out on earth, it lasted up to 6 months. It was a horrific time when most people were infected and humanity was in danger of extinction. But not all are infected, you and a few others are alive and competing with each other to survive in this world. During this period, from ordinary people to surviving armies, they had to go underground to operate. There are also many brave people fighting Zombie to regain territory on the ground. You will have to find a way to survive this crisis, either you fight other people to compete, or be friends with them to survive together. This war of survival is not for the weak and scared!

Survival game

Like other Zombie themed survival games, your basic task in the game is to fight and build. You must build your base to operate and prevent attacks of Zombie. With that, you will have to find the best weapons to fight the enemy, be it Zombie or other living people. Weapons system in the game is quite diverse, the whole will be different guns. Each type of gun will have its own design and advantages in combat.

Building a base is extremely important, and you must constantly upgrade your base. In addition to building the main house, cfon friends have to build additional facilities such as a farm, a wood production place, a warehouse, a military training area, etc. These buildings will automatically provide the raw materials. Needed for survival and develop your fighting power. This is a task that requires your tactics and thinking skills, the purpose of a solid base and abundant resources.

In the battle, not only do you have to fight zombies, but also face other living people. Therefore, you need to find yourself allies, make friends with them to survive together, against all enemies. There is also an important strategy in this game.

Experience 3D graphics and immersive sound

State of Survival has recreated a ruined, desolate, gloomy space of the earth after the 6-month pandemic in the most authentic way for players to have the best experience. With sharp 3D image quality and detailed design, the game offers a true perspective for you to adventure in the world of Zombie. Along with the sharp images, the system of scary sounds, tension and drama is carefully integrated into the game. Thereby, anyone who participates in the game State of Survival has a feeling of being alive in the real post-apocalypse days.

MOD feature

  • No cost energy recovery skill in battle
  • Wait until the energy is at full level, then start using it will cause less “data error”.
  • Not using much, it will cause the game to fail: “data error”.
  • Old version but still working

Download State of Survival MOD APK

The battle of survival in State of Survival is not for the weak, and are you able to survive this war and become a winner? Join the game now to conquer this challenge. The following is the link to download the game State of Survival MOD APK for you!

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