Download Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight MOD APK v2.5 (Money/ Beans)

  • App Details
  • Publisher ONESOFT
  • OS Android
  • Size 42M
  • Version 2.5
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money/ Beans, No Ads
  • Get it on Google Play


ONESOFT – the game company is quite famous for not many game releases, but any game is loved by many players. Not long ago, we introduced you to an interesting game of this publisher, Mr Bow, an addictive archery game. Recently, ONESOFT has just released another entertaining game called Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight.

Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight has just been released at the end of May recently for a completely free mobile platform. This game was developed with an extremely interesting role-playing role-playing game, but the highlight of this game is the content taken from Japan’s famous Dragon Ball Z brand. Through the following article, you will better understand the game play as well as the outstanding features of the game, then will be the download game Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight MOD APK

Unique image design

Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight is developed based on the character system as well as a part of the famous Dragon Ball brand, which is exactly the Dragon Ball Z version. Accordingly, the game’s character system will be created. The image is quite simple with the style of the characters in Dragon Ball, not the same shape as the original. And the image quality in the game only stops at 2D not too impressive. Along with that, the system of each character’s skills will be the same as the Anime session. The plus point in the image is that the effects in the skill of the character are very eye-catching. In general, forming the image of Stick Z: This Super Dragon Fight is quite funny, not investing in developing high quality graphics.

Play style antagonist

The game was developed to play antagonistic gameplay like other games of the same genre. You will be selected for yourself a character in the system of diverse characters of the game, then start the journey to defeat all opponents. Each character will possess unique skills, including common skills and special skills. These characters are mutually exclusive, so there are basically no characters with superior power compared to other characters.

During the match, you can use a special item that is magic beans, a feature based on a real detail in the Dragon Ball comic. When your character is exhausted or attacked by an opponent, you give the character a pea, the character can regain strength immediately. In terms of interface, Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight is like other fighting games with a bar showing blood, strength in the upper left corner, lower left corner is a move button, and finally a battle skills button placed in the lower right corner of the screen.

MOD features

When playing the game Stick Z version: Super Dragon Fight MOD APK you will experience new features not available in the original, those features will be:

  • Unlimited money: You will have a lot of coins to be able to use comfortably
  • Pea Unlimited: As you know, pea is very effective in battle, so you can use it at any time without fear of losing the beans.

Note: If you have not received a lot of money and beans when playing the game for the first time, you only need to play a second time, these two new features will appear.

Download Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight MOD APK

Stick Z can be seen: Super Dragon Fight is quite similar to other Dragon Ball themed fighting games, but it also has its own features that make it unique when playing. Anyway, Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight is also an interesting role-playing action game that you should try, it’s free. You can choose between the original from Google Play or the Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight MOD APK to download and experience.

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