Street Racing HD MOD APK v3.3.1 (Free Shopping) download

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  • Publisher Ivy
  • OS Android
  • Size 92M
  • Version 3.3.1
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Racing is an exciting game that will never be outdated. When it comes to this genre, you probably know about Gameloft’s popular Asphalt games series or racing games that are branded as F1 Mobile Racing. The most outstanding of these is Asphalt, the most exciting racing game series ever. It is rated as the most popular racing game brand worldwide, thanks to its realistic and dramatic gameplay. Asphalt is a goal that other game companies set up so that their products can compete with it.

Recently, another famous game company Ivy has released a promising new racing game product, promising to be a game that can compete with Asphalt in the future. The game is called Street Racing HD, just appeared a few hours ago. Currently the game is available on Google Play as a pre-registration, for you to register and receive valuable gifts after the official game release. Based on the video game play test, we will have reviews on Street Racing HD below, then will provide the game registration link for you.

Play online racing

Street Racing HD is a racing game inspired by Burnout. Accordingly, the game is simply developed with two main game modes: Career Mode and PvP Mode. It seems like two game modes will not be enough to attract players, but when you experience the game, you will definitely have other thoughts. With PvP Mode, you will participate in dramatic racing stages with players around the world. Each online game screen will have 6 players participating in the competition, you must have good driving skills to be able to defeat the opponent in this exciting action race.

You can choose for yourself a racing car in Street Racing HD’s diverse racing system. Those cars are extremely detailed and impressive. You will be confused by not knowing the car, each type of car has the beauty and the ability to race differently. In addition, you can customize your favorite racing car with a variety of components.

Graphics and sound

From the name Street Racing HD you can understand the excellent image quality of this game. The game is invested with a high quality 3D graphics, sharp display with HD level. When participating in the game, you won’t stop being surprised because everything in the game is designed in great detail. And of course, the most important thing is the design for the racing system. You will be fascinated by the detailed shaping of racing cars, along with the extremely colorful, colorful system.

Moreover you can customize your own racing car, so every smallest accessory is made very meticulously. Thereby, you will have a great experience, more than a mobile game. But with such high quality graphics, the game will consume more space and battery on your device than other games. But Street Racing HD is totally worthy of what it gives you. Sound quality is also a factor appreciated by players in this game. Sound effects such as the roaring engine sound, the braking of the car, the sound of explosions, … will make the game much more lively.

Download Street Racing HD MOD APK

Here, we can see that Street Racing HD is truly a promising high quality game of Ivy. Although it has not been officially released, it has attracted a lot of interest from players around the world. Currently the game is in the process of pre-registration, you can register through the link below. We will update the link to download the Street Racing HD APK game soon to the reader, wait for it!

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