SuperStar STARSHIP APK download v1.9.10 for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Dalcomsoft
  • OS Android
  • Size 99
  • Version 1.9.10
  • MOD Features Updating
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SuperStar STARSHIP APK is the latest version of Dalcomsoft’s famous music game series. As you probably know, Dalcomsoft owns a series of famous music games, developed based on famous Korean entertainment companies. In these games, players will meet their K-Pop idols and train them to become the world’s top stars. In the previous games, you met and managed the groups of SMTOWM, JYPNATION, PLEDIS, in this game you will be able to manage the celebrities of STARSHIP Entertainment.

Accordingly, the game SuperStar STARSHIP is in the process of finishing to prepare for the next release. Currently interested players can register the game before the game via the link at the end of this article. It is known that the SuperStar STARSHIP game is still developing the music playing and management like the previous SuperStar versions. However, there will be more new features added to the game that do not cause boredom for players.

Content of the game

Game SuperStar STARSHIP developed the familiar music game based on the famous artists and groups of STARSHIP Entertainment. About Starship Entertainment, this is a Korean entertainment company founded in 2008 by founder Kim Shi Dae. Currently, he is still the CEO of this company. STARSHIP currently manages many famous groups and individuals in Korea, which is well known. And the SuperStar STARSHIP game relies on those celebrities to evolve into a music management game. In the game, you will be managing and developing for popular groups like MONSTA X, Sistar, Cosmic Girls, …

Familiar music play

In terms of gameplay, the SuperStar STARSHIP game is still developed in the same way as the previous SuperStar games. You will play famous K-Pop music by touching the notes running on the screen. There will be a staff going along the screen and notes will appear, you just need to touch those notes in order to form the melody of that song. This is a fairly simple game, does not require you to think, but you will have to be fast and have good reflexes.

The game will be divided into different difficulty levels. The notes will move faster and faster, and the melody of the song will follow. Therefore, you will have difficulty playing music. Use your fingertips’ agility and good reflexes to complete the most difficult songs. One suggestion for you to play the game easier is to play games with phones with large screens, preferably tablets.

The main features of the game

  • Experience great music play
  • 13 famous artists / Groups from STARSHIP Entertainment
  • More than 43 different songs
  • More than 192 tags for you to collect for your collection
  • The Card Book System so you can easily check your card
  • 3 different difficulty levels for each song (EASY / NORMAL / DIFFICULT)
  • You can collect star cards to receive additional bonus points
  • The highest weekly score will determine your league rank
  • 15 different leagues are determined by your weekly federation ranking

Download SuperStar STARSHIP APK

Still a familiar game, but the theme of SuperStar STARSHIP is completely new, so you will have a completely new experience, not be boring. So this will definitely be an attractive game in the future. Currently the game has not been officially released, we can only pre-register the game via the link below. We will update the link to download the game as soon as possible.

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