Tales of Radiance MOD APK v1.0.1 download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Reality Squared Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 67MB
  • Version 1.0.1
  • MOD Features Updating
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Tales of Radiance MOD APK is an idle style role-playing game (a role-playing game that you do not have to spend too much effort to play) released by Reality Squared Games. This game was introduced not long ago, and now has released an official version for players to download the experience. Currently the game is available for free on Google Play and AppStore, or you can choose our Tales of Radiance MOD APK version. Accordingly, this game is much interested by many players thanks to idle gameplay with entertainment and eye-catching visual style.

The plot of the game

The story of Tales of Radiance is developed with a familiar theme, you can see in many other RPG games. In one world, the evil forces are growing and the fate of humanity is in danger. At this time humanity needs the rise of powerful heroes, chasing those evil forces to return peace to the world. And you are the chosen one, along with other heroes to join the adventure through many different kingdoms to perform the noble mission. Look for the 5 long-forgotten relics of the ancient gods. Although the plot is not new, but when experiencing, you will also have a feeling of suspense and fascination by the details of the game.

Idle role-playing gameplay

Tales of Radiance was developed for role-playing, but idle. The game offers a variety of customization systems, allowing you to customize the heroes as you like, you can increase their level or equip new weapons to increase their power. The game has no fixed development path, so you are free to upgrade your heroes the way you want. This is a feature appreciated in this game, you will not be confined by the rules in the game.

As mentioned, the game will have an extremely idle fighting system, so you will not have to be very active in the game. When entering the match, the character will do everything by itself, you do not have to do much. Each match in will take place at a fairly fast pace, but you will still have plenty of time to test whatever settings you like. The game makes a difference by allowing players to summon mythological gods like Zeus, Thor and Odin to assist them in battle.

In addition to the story-based PvE mode, you also have a choice of other modes such as playing in dungeons, 5v5 PvP systems, challenging the arena, and participating in various special events. There are many features that the game offers, enough to satisfy you if you want to enjoy and experience everything.

Animated 3D graphics

As for the image, the game Tales of Radiance is designed with a good quality 3D graphics background, with a cartoonish fantasy style. Every detail from the smallest to the scenery, backstage is carefully shaped, bringing an extremely splendid fantasy world. The highlight of the image of Tales of Radiance is the character shaping, the diverse character system that is nicely shaped, each with a different face. Moreover, you can also customize the character for the face, skin color and costume. Thereby you will create yourself a unique character compared to other players. The skill effects of the character are also very carefully polished.

Download Tales of Radiance MOD APK

Although the gameplay of Tales of Radiance does not have many new features compared to other role-playing games, it has an eye-catching visual style so it is receiving a lot of love from players around the world. With such idle gameplay, you can take advantage of gaming at any time for entertainment, without spending much time and effort for playing the game. The following will be the download of Tales of Radiance MOD APK game for you.

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