Download Tales of Wind APK + Data v2.2.8 (Laplace M) for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Neocraft Limited
  • OS Android
  • Size 2G
  • Version 2.2.8
  • MOD Features No
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Laplace M, also known as Kingdom of the Wind, is a MMORPG game released in China and Taiwan a long time ago. A few months ago this game was released internationally for mobile platforms, made by ZlongGames. But at the end of April, another mobile version of the game was released, but it was renamed Tales of Wind. This is the official Western international version released by Neocraft Limited.

Character system

If you’ve ever learned about Laplace M, you’ll know, Tales of Wind still has 4 character classes for players to choose from, including: Mage, Assassin, Warrior or Cleric. Each character class will have a fighting style and different skill sets can overcome each other. We can for example, the Assassin system will focus on melee combat, while the Mage will use magic, the Warrior is a class of characters with very high attack power and diversity in defense, and the Cleric character system. not good at fighting but favoring support and treatment. These classes will have the Transfer function, unlocked at level 50. Transfers will help the characters unlock new skills and the power index is greatly increased. After selecting the character, you can customize the character’s appearance yourself. The game brings extremely diverse costume system so you can customize the style for your character, you will find to buy these costumes at the store.


In terms of gameplay, Tales of Wind will still bring the familiar role-playing style of MMORPG series. Like other games of the same genre, you will bring your character to adventure in the vast world of the game while completing the assigned tasks. The game is divided into many different game modes, you can choose to play according to the plot to develop characters, hunt for powerful monsters and seal them in the Soul Card to get superior strength, Team up with friends to explore the vast world, take part in dramatic PvP matches.

The next point is the pet system with the name Guardian. This system allows you to develop different pets to put them into your squad. You participate in many activities with the pet, the level of intimacy increases will make both sides strong. These beasts will appear everywhere, probably on your adventure, just stop and win it, turning it into your Pet. In addition, you can collect cards to unlock rare and powerful pets. Laplace M will improve the interactive community in the game. Players can make friends with other people, participate in dating activities and can even build a virtual family.

High-end graphics

Tales of Wind owns extremely impressive 3D graphics, better quality than the popular 3D 3D MMORPG products. It is a 3D graphics platform which is carefully invested with modern image and effects technologies to bring the sharpest image quality. From the environment, landscape, character formation to small details like costumes, backgrounds, … are perfectly built. Highlights in the image of the game Tales of Wind that is shaping the system of characters and Pet systems extremely lovely, surely you will enjoy them.

Download Tales of Wind APK

If you are looking for a traditional MMORPG to experience then Tales of Wind APK will be the name you can’t miss, this is really a great game. And now you can experience the game with the official international version. Below is the link to download the game for you. Note: the game has a high capacity, so the game device you need to have a medium or high-end configuration will have a smooth experience.

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