Teamfight Tactics APK v1.0 (MOD Unlocked) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Riot Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 45MB
  • Version 1.0
  • MOD Features Updating
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As you know, one of the most popular titles in recent years is League Of Legend. This is the most successful product of Riot Games, attracting hundreds of millions of players worldwide. Some time ago, it was Riot who released a new version of the strategy game called Teamfight Tactics. This game was developed in the style of playing chess dignity of Auto Chess mode in Dota 2. The game inherits the entire character system of LOL to create an extremely attractive strategic game.

After a period of release, this game has received the favorite of numerous players. Most of them are fans of LOL before, the rest are new players. The first version of this game was released for PC not long ago but has received a lot of participants. Therefore, the version of Teamfight Tactics Mobile also quickly appeared. Accordingly, Riot Games has released a mobile version to attract more players.

Play diverse tactics

Come to Teamfight Tactics, you will gather an army of your favorite champions and participate in the top strategic battle. You will choose for yourself the familiar heroes in the character system of League Of Legend. Then you create a strong army, not afraid of any opponent. The match in the game will still take place in a grid pattern. Random drafts and in-game events bring variety, no match is the same. To win, the most important factor will still be your tactics. Not only do you need a team-building strategy before the game, but you also have to change tactics right in the match. Therefore, it is impossible to know in advance who is the winner when the game is not over.

There are no restrictions on the teamfight game Tactics. You can build unlimited tactics, implementations, and upgrades. Enter the peak battle with the famous character system. Devastation to demons, changing the outcome of the match and turning defeat into a surprise victory. A pretty lucky factor in this game is that the item system drops will bring an unexpected advantage to the player who picks it up. This is not a single game for champions like LOL, but you have to know how to combine the generals.

Moreover, you can also use an account to experience this game. If you have played Teamfight Tactics before, you can use that account to log in to the mobile version and experience. All data of Teamfight Tactics is saved by account, so you can play the game on any device.

The main features of the game

  • The ultimate battle shows your leadership
  • Building reasonable tactics, sudden changes to victory upstream
  • The system of general construction is diverse according to each clan and each system
  • Meet the familiar characters in LOL
  • Build a squad of the strongest heroes for you
  • Ranking battle mode for you to compete with players around the world
  • Customized personal style images for summoned beasts are available
  • The control system is optimized, changed appropriately for the mobile version
  • Support multi-platform, easy login with only one account
  • Update the game regularly, constantly changing meta content to bring new experiences

Download Teamfight Tactics APK (MOD Unlocked)

Overall, Teamfight Tactics is quite familiar with the diverse character system that is loved in the LOL game. Certainly the game will be popular in the future. Especially LOL fans, they are constantly looking forward to this game’s official launch to be able to experience it. Before that, LOL was a leading competitor to Dota 2 of Valve. And now Riot Games Teamfight Tactics continues to compete with Valve’s DOTA Underlords. Currently, Teamfight Tactics is in beta, allowing you to try it out. However, the game is still limited to certain countries but not yet worldwide. Expected, this game will be released soon in the next few weeks.

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