The White Door APK v1.1.22 (MOD Full) download free for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Second Maze
  • OS Android
  • Size 92M
  • Version 1.1.22
  • MOD Features No
  • Get it on Google Play


The White Door APK is a simple yet addictive puzzle adventure game for players. This game was released in December 2019, supporting the first PC platform. And until yesterday was January 9, the mobile version was released. The White Door is sold on Google Play for $ 3.39, which is also the price sold on Steam for personal computer devices.

Interesting story

Coming to The White Door game, you will be immersive and start a life with the main character named Robert Hill. One day, when he woke up and he had completely lost his memory, there was no idea what had happened to him. He doesn’t even know who he is. In this game, your task helps him regain memory by going through everyday situations and stories he still goes through. When he first started, he could not recall what he had before. So you can’t leave him alone, help him find his memory as soon as possible.

To regain memories, you do not have to take too much effort, simply with him to go through daily life and solve puzzles. When you help him regain all his memories, you are victorious in this game. This is an extremely attractive game, even can be addictive for players. Starting to play the game is simple, but to stop is very difficult.

Images and sounds
As for the image, The White Door game is designed quite simply in the paiting style. Everything in the game is designed to be as simple as possible, from the main character to the environment, the room, … Although the game simulates a life, there is no weak and realistic in the picture. image. But for the sound, the game was quite well done. You will enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack composed by Victor Butzelaar.

Main features

  • Experience the adventure game combining puzzle
  • Solve funny, no less difficult puzzles
  • Enjoy the daily interesting story of Robert Hill’s character
  • Can split the screen to play the game
  • The background music system contributes to the game being more vivid
  • Buy once and play for free forever
  • A series of interesting secrets and features are waiting for you to discover

Download The White Door APK

Immediately after being released, The White Door game quickly received the favorite of many players around the world. Therefore, the mobile version was released just after a PC version more than a week. This game has no purpose, does not inhibit the player. You will experience a new life through the character Robert Hill, there will be many interesting stories for you to explore. The following will be the download link of The White Door APK game for you.

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