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Through the Darkest of Times released the mobile version

Through the Darkest of Times is a famous historical resistance strategy game. It was developed by Paintbucket Games, and the publisher of this game is HandyGames. It was first released last year, supporting Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems. And recently, this game was released for mobile platforms by the publisher HandyGame. Most PC games that have enjoyed the interest of players have released the mobile version a while later.

Accordingly, Through the Darkest of Times, version was launched on Google a few hours ago. In the PC version on Steam, the game sells for a hefty $ 11.99. And the mobile version sells for less, at $ 7.99. However, this is still a relatively high price compared to other paid mobile games. This new version still focuses on conveying the gloomy mood of the period and the very practical struggles during World War.

The story of the game

Participate in Through the Darkest of Times, you will be back to the mid-20th century. It is a time when the “wave” of the fierce “World War II has not ended … Capital Berlin, Germany, when the pride white is gradually overshadowed by the gray of failure. And behind that is the face of a tyrannical, cruel regime, a new frontline with people who are still fighting daily in their home countries. With a linear storyline, Through The Darkest of Times can tell not just one but … countless stories!

Strategic gameplay

Basically, the game Through The Darkest of Times is a simulation game combined with tactical elements. The game allows you to control a group of rebels against the Nazi government at the time. In the beginning, you will have the right to adjust the characteristics, skills, appearance and occupation of the leader. It can be said that this is an option that has a direct impact on the story of the game. For example, skin color, through two plays, when you choose between an “original” German character and a black one.

The task of the player in Through The Darkest of Times is quite simple. Every day, you will assign characters (up to 5 people) to participate in different tasks to attract the support of the people, or make money to raise money for the association. You can assign characters to participate in tasks such as propaganda in public, ask for donations and buy materials at a low risk. But to gain more advanced items, the characters will have to participate in dangerous missions such as prison robbery, robbing weapons, alliances with foreign intelligence, …

If the mission fails, the player will face unpredictable consequences such as losing money, declining morale, increasing the probability of being wanted and losing high-end items that the player may have to devote to … the whole chapter (corresponding to 20 days) to achieve it. So, in order to avoid the above, players must carefully calculate the first step to the most difficult tasks, to be able to maintain the team until the end of the game.

Main features

  • Experience 4 stages of the game, each stage is different challenges
  • Fight for freedom, do everything for the ideal that you think is right
  • Plan activities, find comrades and try not to get caught
  • Feel the burden of responsibility when you make tough decisions and face catastrophic consequences
  • Expressionist scenes and events are beautifully illustrated

Download Through the Darkest of Times APK

Overall, Through the Darkest of Times offers compelling gameplay worth your experience. However, it still has a shortcoming that we feel dissatisfied. That part of the game has no depth. All you do in the game is just trying to resist to pass 4 chapters of the game. No matter which direction you play, you will encounter common scenes. With repeated conversations regardless of the player’s choice of answer, making it difficult to review the cut scenes when the game is completed.

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