Tom and Jerry: Chase APK v5.2.1 download for Android

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  • Publisher NetEase
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  • Version 5.2.1
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Surely you are not new to Tom and Jerry, the famous cartoon film for many years. It was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, first released in 1940. So far, it has been released for 80 years. There have been a lot of funny episodes about two main characters, Tom cat and Jerry mouse. This movie brings happy memories to many people. And today, we help you get back to your childhood with a Tom and Jerry: Chase mobile game.

This game is Tom and Jerry: Chase, a game of NetEase, the world’s leading game company today. Using content from the popular Tom and Jerry cartoons, NetEase has created an extremely attractive action role-playing game. Earlier, NetEase also introduced the game with the theme Tom and Jerry in 2018, but so far it has not officially appeared. After many previous versions, this game finally landed in Southeast Asia with the current name is Tom and Jerry: Chase.

Accordingly, this game is developed based on the original storyline of the anime version. Part of the image is preserved according to the original, to give players a familiar experience experience.

Attractive role-playing game

Tom and Jerry: Chase is developed in the role-playing action game, with many competitive players. You will choose familiar characters in the series to transform as Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Lightning, … Each character will have unique skills to fight. You will be either a cat or a mouse. If you are a mouse, your task will be to trick Tom cat and other players to steal cheese and win.

And when you play the role of Tom cat, you will have the mission of liberating the fate that never caught Tom’s Tom and become a mouse-catching expert. Each game in the game will take place up to about 10 minutes with fast-paced action and mayhem. You need to complete the missions the way you choose characters to earn gold, enough for you to shop according to your heart’s content.

In Tom and Jerry: Chase Mobile also appears many different random items and items on the map such as forks, ice cubes, photo frames and many special drinks. These will help you a lot in the game. It can even help you turn around unexpectedly, win in a split second.

In addition, the game also has many game modes with separate gameplay for you to freely choose. Along with that, there are many types of maps to make each level of experience extremely interesting, new and full of non-stop action. Players can cycle through many unique modes including Classic Mode, Golden Key Match, Fun with Fireworks, Frenzy Cheese Match and Beach Volleyball. Each mode offers its own unique gameplay and has its own appeal. In addition, the map system is quite diverse for you to enjoy adventure.

Familiar images and sounds

Game Tom and Jerry: Chase is recreated images according to the original animation, cartoon style that you cannot forget. Of course, our familiar character system remains the same as the original. Even outside scenes like rooms and houses bring familiarity to you. Add to that the original music, true retro art style. Thereby, you will feel like watching new Tom and Jerry episodes according to the content you create.

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase APK

Overall Tom and Jerry: Chase is an interesting role-playing game. The gameplay and visuals of this game will bring back your happy memories, from being kids. This game is sure to attract a lot of players, including adults and children. Currently, the game has been launched but is limited to some countries. So you can only download our Tom and Jerry: Chase APK version to experience it.

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