Touch The Wall MOD APK v2.2.6 (No Ads) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Voodoo
  • OS Android
  • Size 52M
  • Version 2.2.6
  • MOD Features No Ads
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Touch The Wall MOD APK is the latest addictive action game from Voodoo. This game has just been released a few days ago for both mobile platforms, allowing you to take part in extremely interesting gameplay. This is a new style game compared to the games that Voodoo has previously released. Your goal in the game is to touch the finish line without letting the person standing above the finish line detect your movement.

Voodoo is based on a real-life game to develop Touch The Wall game. There will be one person standing face to face with the wall and the others standing away from the wall a certain distance. Then, during the time the person stands face to face with the wall counting 1-2-3, another player will move cautiously to get closer to the wall so as not to be detected. When any player comes close to the person facing the wall, they will touch the person and all must quickly run to the starting line. If you are caught by the person facing the wall, the unlucky person will have to replace the position. And the way to play Touch The Wall is similar, we will show you how to play in more detail.

Instructions for playing the Touch The Wall game

Touch The Wall’s gameplay is developed like the game mentioned above, but the speed will be higher to give you dramatic and fun gameplay. In the game, you just have to face the person facing the wall as a supervisor standing above the finish line, having to compete with other players to win the dramatic race.

First you need to cross the eye of the supervisor, overcome obstacles and competitors to become the first to reach the finish line. The game has a simple control mechanism. Just hold down the screen and release your hand to run and stop. The difficulty of the game is that you not only run but also have to overcome many obstacles that appear on the road, and you still have a reasonable time to run. When you play, you will see a green light and a red light for you to run, green light, then run as fast as you can, and the red light must stop all actions. You will see the countdown time and have 3 seconds to do it. During this time, the supervisor will turn his head and look for the moving player. If detected, you will return to the starting line or the nearest checkpoint.

The eyes of people face the wall like a scanner. You will see red light covering the entire race to scan all players. After that, the light will shrink and focus on any player. At this time, other players can blink the chance to run towards the destination safely before becoming “scanned”. Always pay attention to the countdown timer to determine when the green light turns red and stop the action in time. That is the key to conquer every race of Touch The Wall.

Download Touch The Wall MOD APK

Voodoo offers a completely new gameplay with this Touch The Wall MOD APK game compared to the products they have previously released, but you will feel familiar as this is a game inspired by a game that has real life. But most players are annoyed by the ads from developers, they appear a lot while you play. So we bring you the Touch The Wall MOD version with the free ad deletion feature, you can play the game comfortably without turning off the network.

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