Download Traffic Run! MOD APK v1.7.4 (Unlimited Coins)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Geisha Tokyo
  • OS Android
  • Size 68M
  • Version 1.7.4
  • MOD Features Unlimited Coins
  • Get it on Google Play


Traffic Run! is a simulated driving game that gives you extremely comfortable entertainment moments. This is a new game released two weeks ago by Geisha Tokyo. After a short release, this game is loved by many players thanks to its simple and addictive style. With over 1 million downloads, Traffic Run! is currently at the top of Google Play as well as other app stores and this number is growing very fast in recent days. In the article below, we will show you how to play this game, and there will also be a Traffic Run version! MOD APK with unlimited money features for you to experience with a much more interesting feeling.

Drive across the road safely

Game play of Traffic Run! This is extremely simple, throughout the journey to experience the game you only play a single game mode that is driving the road and ice to the finish line. You will be assigned to a model car, appearing on any path, be it a fork or intersection and must pass those roads to reach the destination. But on the road there is not only your car but also other transport vehicles that move together, you have to control your car skillfully so as not to bump into those cars. You must know when to stop and move in time to avoid collisions. Reaching the finish line, you have passed that level and moved to a new level. If you touch another vehicle, you will have to play the game again.

Just like that you will play from level to level to conquer the path of death. The game will increase the difficulty according to the levels, the difficulty levels, the path that you have to control the vehicle to pass will be longer and appear more traffic modes and the cars will appear in a way that is not available. Doubt requires your quick reflexes. In terms of control, you just need to touch and hold the screen to move the car, the car will automatically move to the destination and want to stop when meeting another car, just release your hand, continue to run, touch the screen form. Currently the game has a lot of levels for you to conquer, it will be adding new levels after the updates.

Unlock new cars

Game Traffic Run! brings a variety of models with many different designs, extremely eye-catching. In addition, the game will add new vehicles after updates so that the game is not boring. To unlock new cars, you need to have coins to own them. You have to collect every penny that appears on the road when driving if you want to get a new car. This makes you unhappy because it takes a lot of time. So we understand you and bring the Traffic Run version! MOD APK for you, this version will have the features as below.

MOD features

Traffic Run version! Our MOD APK is refreshed with unlimited coin features and unlocked all vehicles. Thereby you will be able to use the cars you like without reaching a certain level, or try to earn lots of coins to unlock high-end vehicles. Our MOD version is easy to Install with the APK file and it is completely safe for your device.

Download Traffic Run! MOD APK

Traffic Run! born to make you satisfied, you will feel comfortable and comfortable when completing the levels in the game, the feeling when your car has reached the goal is great! Many players have advertising problems when playing games, you just turn off Internet connections on your gaming device, these annoying ads will not hurt you. What are you waiting for without downloading immediately Traffic Run! About to experience!

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