Turbo Stars MOD APK 1.0.15 (Unlocked All) by SayGames - download

  • App Details
  • Publisher SayGames
  • OS Android
  • Size 40M
  • Version 1.6.1
  • MOD Features Unlocked All
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Normally, you can play racing games with high-class supercar system, eye-catching design. Most of those racing games are designed for elaborate and detailed racing system design. It seems too boring. Therefore, today we will introduce to you to read an extremely unique and new racing game. You will be racing with rivals, but not super cars, but skis or wheels. This game is Turbo Stars.

Turbo Stars MOD APK is the latest product from SayGames. This is a famous game company in the world that everyone knows. Each game that they released has its own addictive points and is popular with players. And Turbo Stars is no exception, it received the love of gamers after a few days of being released. After nearly a week of launch, it has received nearly 100 thousand raiting and more than 1 million downloads. As can be seen, the games that SayGames released have a great attraction.

Music car race

Coming to the game, you will be choosing for yourself the extremely unique racing tools. It can be fancy designed wheels, skateboards, … Each type has a different racing ability for you to choose for your gaming experience journey. You will have to overcome a series of obstacles to complete the levels with increasing difficulty. During the game, you collect the coins to use later. That money to unlock new wheels or skateboards. And most importantly, the money you will use to upgrade indicators such as speed, the amount of money earned when racing and start boost.

Not just an ordinary race, this is a music racing game. At each stage, you will enjoy funny music tunes. There will be familiar tunes you have heard. Defeat all opponents to become the best player!

As for the controls, the game Turbo Stars is also designed very simply and easily to get used to. You just need to touch the character on the screen and move to the sides to dodge the obstacles only.

Main features

  • Unique racing gameplay, unprecedented fun
  • Drive the color wheel and ice to the finish line
  • Upgrade the stats to enter the race
  • Stunning image
  • Lots of playful music in your race
  • Play the game completely free, no internet connection required

Graphics and sound

Although every design in Turbo Stars is very simple, it is still developed with impressive 3D graphics. This is also a familiar style of SayGames. You will see characters without face details and wheels, skis are also very simple. Points that players love in the image that is the extremely diverse and eye-catching color system. The light effects will add to the stimulation and attractiveness.

Because Turbo Stars is a racing game combined with music, the sound system is quite well done. Unlike other racing games, you will enjoy fun tunes in your race.

Download Turbo Stars MOD APK

Turbo Stars offers a very unique gameplay, unlike any other game. It provides a fun experience and does not require much skill or thinking. And in particular, this game can be addictive for you. Right below is the link to download Turbo Stars MOD APK with Unlimited Money feature for you to choose to download!

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