Ulala: Idle Adventure MOD APK v1.42 (One Hit Kill) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher X.D. Global
  • OS Android
  • Size 1G
  • Version 1.42
  • MOD Features One Hit Kill
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Ulala: Idle Adventure MOD APK is a new role-playing game released by X.D. Global. This is a new game company that emerged recently, has also released a few interesting titles, which are loved by many players. And Ulala: Idle Adventure is their latest product, promising to bring a major turning point for this game company. Accordingly the game is developed adventure role-playing game with 3D graphics style cartoon style very funny. In addition to introducing the outstanding features of the game, we also offer the Ulala: Idle Adventure MOD APK version for you to choose.


You are taken back to the Stone Age thousands of years ago and begin an unprecedented fascinating adventure. In this way you will enjoy life on the wild and vast continent, where ice and fire, thunder and electricity are interwoven. Here you will be a hunter of the happy Ulala group and a group of small monsters living on the edge of the desert at the foot of the volcano. The hunting season has come, you will be able to ride your little Tyrannosaurus Rex, along with your friends to start the journey to hunt the biggest beasts. Prove to all that you are the best hunter!

Adventure role-playing game

In terms of gameplay, Ulala: Idle Adventure was developed in the MMORPG style. However, the style of play is quite idle, not dramatic and killing as many other role-playing games. You will choose characters and mounts for you to go on adventures. The game will automatically upgrade and upgrade indefinitely for your character and pet. So you will not spend much time playing games to develop your character as the same genre games. In Ulala, you can team up and make new friends while chatting or enjoying a meal whenever you want.

You can work together to receive bonuses and offers. The game is well invested with a wealth of elements, skills, equipment, skins and more! You will collect pieces and Skill Cards to unlock and upgrade new, more advanced skill sets. The game allows you to freely experience and create rather than making you follow certain rules. By combining thousands of different skills, equipment, and characters that are not divided into classes. Thereby, you can create your own character classes and play styles. You can also choose lovely pets like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Saber Tiger, Marmots, …

Images and sounds

Ulala: Idle Adventure is designed in a vertical screen style with comfortable strokes on a bright graphic background. A world with the features of the Stone Age was created, stimulating players to participate in the game experience immediately. Images in the game show up with sharp 3D quality, bringing the best experience. Especially the part of designing and shaping characters in cartoon style is very funny and eye-catching. Add to that the background music system, sound effects in every match and even while waiting for the game to be integrated very reasonably.

MOD feature

One Hit Kill

Download Ulala: Idle Adventure MOD APK

Overall, the game Ulala: Idle Adventure has an interesting game play, 3D cartoon style graphics are quite funny, well worth a try. Currently the game has received nearly 1 million downloads from players and many game reviews are quite appreciated. Right now you can download Ulala: Idle Adventure MOD APK right on your device to experience it. You only need to download our APK file of the installation to be playable (no root required).

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