Ultimate Disc MOD APK v1.2.13 (Unlocked All, No Ads) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Supersonic Studio
  • OS Android
  • Size 73M
  • Version 1.2.13
  • MOD Features No Ads
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Ultimate Disc MOD APK is a new sports game released by Supersonic Studio. This is a new game company appeared not long ago. And Ultimate Disc is only the second product of this game company. But it quickly received the favorite of the majority of players. It has received more than 1 million downloads in less than a week, since its release. This is a rather surprising achievement for a not-so-popular game company.

Sport play

The Ultimate Disc game is developed in a sports way, with the throwing of disc throwing. You will command a team to throw a disc, against a defensive team. Specifically, on the field there will be your team and the opponent, standing alternately in rows. Your task is to throw the disc to your teammates without letting the opponent catch the disc. Defensive opponents will have more people than your playing team. So, you need to find a way to throw to be able to overcome them. Just overcome all those opponents, throw the disc to the last, you will win.

The opponent’s team will move continuously, you need to choose the right time to throw the disc. To throw the disc, adjust the direction of the guide beam skillfully, then release your hand to throw the disc. After you successfully execute the last pitch, you will enjoy the slow motion effect of that pitch, and the final character will have extremely funny celebratory victory moves.

Later, the difficulty of the game increases rapidly as the characters of the opponent will outnumber. They move constantly to avoid your throw. And remember, if the disc’s path is too curved, the disc will crash into the stands and shatter. So you need to find a gap between your team’s players, and throw it there.


Despite being a simple entertainment game, Ultimate Disc still has impressive 3D graphics. It doesn’t have a detailed character system like real-life disc throwing matches. Instead it is a model system of characters, without faces or outfits. You can only distinguish your character and the opponent through the color of the character. Your character controls will be blue. You will feel the smoothness of the game through the throwing phase of the character. In each level, you can play in a different yard with a variety of colors. There will be a large audience cheering at the top of the field.

Main features

  • Play sport with fun throwing disciplines
  • Defeat all opponents to throw the disc to the last person
  • Tease your opponents with unique celebratory styles
  • Show your ingenuity in every pitching
  • Enjoy the ultimate throw with the beautiful slow effect
  • Eye-catching visual effects in every throw
  • Unlock new dishes and new celebratory styles

Download Ultimate Disc MOD APK

Overall, the Ultimate Disc offers a pretty interesting game play. You can play games whenever for entertainment, reduce stress and fatigue. Even this simple sport style can be addictive for you. Unfortunately, this is just an offline game. If the game can add online PvP mode for this game, it will surely be liked by many players. Anyway, it is still an attractive game that you should not miss. With our Ultimate Disc MOD APK version, you can experience the game easier and avoid annoying ads.

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