Ultimate Ninja Blazing MOD APK v2.24.1 (God Mode, High Attack)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Bandai Namco
  • OS Android
  • Size 74M
  • Version 2.24.1
  • MOD Features God Mode, High Attack
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Naruto’s world-famous comic book brand in the field of entertainment. The first genre of this brand is Japanese comic, illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. Not only is this brand successful with the manga genre, but it is also known for its multi-platform animated films and games. With the mobile game series, the title Ultimate Ninja Blazing game will be the name known by the global gaming community. Last year, Tencent and Bandai Namco collaborated to release a new Naruto-themed game called Naruto Online Mobile, but have not been officially released yet.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing was released in 2016 and it has been 3 years now. But now the game still enjoys the popularity of players all over the world thanks to its attractive gameplay and new content added regularly after new updates. In this article, we evaluate the details of this game, then bring you the Blazing Ultimate Ninja version for you to download and experience.

Role-playing gameplay with attractive themes

In terms of gameplay, Ultimate Ninja Blazing has developed a turn-based role-playing game with all the characters in the Naruto world you know. Each character will possess different fighting abilities and can combine Health, Strength, Range, Cost and Luck stats. The most special of these indicators is Range – the main weapon that makes the game different from other RPGs. Accordingly, Range determines the radius that the character’s move can affect, applied to both regular and powerful techniques.

Another highlight in the game’s play is that members of the team can move on the battlefield. Although this move will not be as free as in the ARPG game, but you can still order them to approach the target, choose the attack angle according to their tactics. You can see that right after taking the move, your character will be in the position where you let them move before. Also so that the game will require you to calculate how to form the team still in place right after launching the move is finished, avoiding falling into the grip of the opponent.

With the new features in the role-playing game genre as mentioned above, you will feel really interact with your team, sticking and commanding them on every step of the game. This will be a new breakthrough for turn-based gameplay that is being improved to a boring level in today’s gaming market.

Images and sounds

As for the image, we won’t be surprised, because Bandai Namco is famous for the manga theme games. They often design the image style in the game sticking to the shape of the original to bring a familiar feeling to the players. And this Ultimate Blazing Ninja version, too, the game is designed with a familiar image, exactly like Naruto animations. With quality 3D images, you will enjoy new battles in the Naruto world with stunning images

Along with that, the sound system is also highly appreciated. The voices of the characters in the game are voiced by professional artists. Naruto soundtracks are also added to the game. In addition, there will be live sound effects integrated into the battles of Ultimate Ninja Blazing.

MOD features

  • God Mode (Hp decreasing but never die)
  • High Attack (Show normal number but due to high damage)

MOD Important!

Voice = 0 | Normal
Sound FX = 0 | God Mode Only (Except NWC)
Sound FX > 0 | God Mode + High Attack (Except NWC)

Download Ultimate Ninja Blazing MOD APK

Ultimate Ninja Blazing is considered one of the best manga theme games ever, and is also a product that brought great success for Bandai Namco in the past time. And the game company also owns other popular manga-themed games like Dragon Ball Legend or One Piece Bounty Rush. And the following is the link for Ultimate Ninja Blazing MOD game APK for you, and you need to pay attention to how to install in the description above to be able to play the game with MOD feature.

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