Undead Horde APK v1.1.3.1 (Paid) download free for Androdi

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  • Publisher 10tons
  • OS Android
  • Size 232M
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Undead Horde APK is a hack-and-slash action RPG with tactical elements, hack’n’slash. This game was developed by 10tons on many platforms such as Xbox, Steam, Switch. PS4, GOG. The mobile version was first released earlier this year at a price of more than 10$. These released versions have received a lot of love from gamers all over the world. But it is not until the end of 2019 that Android users will experience this game.

Recently, this game has been officially released on Google Play so that Android users can experience the game right now. Undead Horde is sold at an impressive price, half the price for the iOS version of 5.99$. Although it is the mobile version, Undead Horde Mobile is not inferior to the other versions in terms of graphics, full of content, easy to satisfy gamers.


Possessing an adventure storyline, when participating in Undead Horde, players will be adventure in a vast fantasy world. In this world, you will be met with creatures from humans to giant scorpions. And you will be immersed in a necromancer – who can recreate the animation of the dead. You can regenerate almost any enemy yourself and build an army of dozens of immortal minions. Thanks to that, you own a strong army and are not afraid of any enemies. Are you ready for the exciting battle in Undead Horde?

Role-playing action game

In terms of gameplay, the game was developed in the hack’n’slash role-playing action genre. Your mission in the game is to command a group of undead and unlock new types of minions by killing enemies. There are more than a dozen minions ranging from archers to poisonous scorpions. You will also summon undead from the catacombs. Look for graveyards, as they will provide you with reinforcements when you need them. Find your way through the forests, deserts, and wasteland, eventually destroying the Paladin Goodhelper. And your ultimate goal in this game is to reclaim the stolen land.

In addition to reviving the dead, you need to have good equipment to fight the enemies. Currently the game is providing you with a variety of weapons, equipment, jewelry, .. diverse and also added after the version upgrade. Besides, there are countless magic items to help improve the overwhelming power. An interesting feature is that you can exchange and buy in-game items to enrich yourself.

Sharp 3D graphics

This Undead Horde mobile version is still designed in an animated style like the other versions. It is still a high quality 3D graphics platform but it has been optimized for mobile platforms. As you can see, the character system as well as the visual design of Undead Horde are simple, not too detailed like other role-playing games. But the image style itself attracts the attention of many players. But the tiny character, moving smoothly and eye-catching with the shadow effect. In addition, skill effects such as magic were created extremely fantastically.

Main features

  • Discover and conquer the vast fantasy world, inhabited by humans and giant scorpions
  • Reveal the bodies of dead enemies and make them part of your army of undead
  • Extensive arsenal, jewelry and magic items
  • Upgrade and create the best necromancer
  • Trading loot items with many different merchants
  • Manage stores with upgrades
  • Sharp images, smooth experience

Download Undead Horde APK

Compared to the PC or Console versions, Undead Horde mobile is no less attractive. Moreover, you can easily experience this great game with just mobile devices. Currently, many players are annoying when they have to buy on Google Play to play the game. So we have brought the free version of Undead Horde APK for you to download and install the game easily. The game download link is located right below!

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