Unknown Future APK download for Android (by NetEase)

  • App Details
  • Publisher NetEase
  • OS Android
  • Size 71MB
  • Version 1.0
  • MOD Features No
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Unknown Future APK is a new product of NetEase that was released to the entertainment market a few days ago. Immediately after being released, the game was particularly interested in the gaming community, the number of players participating in the game increased rapidly. Currently new games are released for China and Japan markets, support for Android and iOS mobile platforms. There is no official information for the international release of this game. There are also many players around the world learning about this game, and looking forward to the international release soon. Here we introduce the outstanding features of the game, then provide a link to download Unknown Future APK for you to try.

Content of the game

The game was developed with a fascinating science fiction theme. The story of the game takes place in the near future with the idea that when the level of science and technology is highly developed, many new things appear that you have never seen in real life. These new research and technologies are all invented by Japanese inventors. These include the ability to revive the dead. But they could not control the revived souls, causing this world to become chaotic. It is the dead who revive as ghosts and return to the real world to destroy everything.

At this time, the main characters are Novo, Valeria and Zoe have formed a warrior team to stop Kuroshio – boss monster. You will be one of the heroes whose noble mission is to fight against monsters and souls that are destroying this world. You will choose any character to join the battle team to protect the world.

Images and sounds

This Unknown Future game is highly appreciated for the visuals. It is designed with good quality 3D graphics, cute anime style, suitable for those who love Japanese manga / anime game series. In particular, the game also has creative and eye-catching color schemes expressed through subtle character skills. Along with that is a new interface, giving you unprecedented experience.

Sound is also an impressive point of the game, it is integrated with extremely funny music and sound effects. In it, Hanazawa Coriander – quite famous Japanese singer who performed the theme song of the game. Japanese composers Lin Youshu and Orange Mamei collaborated to create the soundtrack for the game. Unknown Future promises to bring the best experience with 3D graphics along with vivid sound.

Download Unknown Future APK

With compelling role-playing gameplay, accompanied by a 3D-based anime graphics, promising Unknown Future will be a hit product coming. Moreover, NetEase is a leading game company in the world today, the game was released because they will surely receive the attention of the players. Here we will provide the link to download the Unknown Game APK so you can play it. We will soon update the latest information about Unknown Future, please visit MODCosy regularly to not miss.

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