Vineyard Valley MOD APK 1.8.18 (Unlimited Money, Tickets) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Jam City
  • OS Android
  • Size 134M
  • Version 1.17.8
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money, Tickets
  • Get it on Google Play


Vineyard Valley MOD APK is a new puzzle-building game built on Google Play, which is of great interest to many players. It has been released by Jam City, the famous US game company for many years. The game has just been released a week ago, and has received nearly 1 million downloads along with nearly 10 thousand ratings from players via Google Play. In the game, you are tasked with restoring a beautiful resort by going through both challenging and fun puzzle scenes. After introducing the game, the outstanding features of the game, we introduce to you the version of Vineyard Valley MOD APK, maybe you will like it.

The story of the game

You will be away from the bustling city to come to a place that is considered paradise, for vacation with nature. That place is the Vineyard Valley, where you will take over The Tangled Vines, a prosperous resort and vineyard. This is the place where you have gone through so many beautiful memories of your childhood, because then you were with Aunt Margaret and your best friend Simone. The Tangled Vines are in need of improvement to be more prosperous. All of those tasks will be given to you, and your partner, supporting you in this work, none other than Simone, your childhood friend.

Gameplay builds puzzle matching

As mentioned, the game was developed with a play style combined with that prize. That means you will take part in the challenge with Match 3 puzzle games to restore and decorate the interior of your dream resort. This resort is no longer well known because it is degraded, needs to be remodeled, you will discover the mysteries of this resort and refresh it to re-attract visitors like before. You will be assigned tasks to complete, most of them are puzzle levels, thereby receiving bonuses and items to be able to grow for your resort to be more advanced.

Every time you complete a game in Vineyard Valley interior decoration game, you will have the opportunity to show your creativity and architectural talent, turning this ruined old resort into a paradise that everyone wants. come. Design and redecorate the resort’s buildings such as the kitchen, seating and outdoor areas of the resort; Or play fun levels of star destruction with lots of sweet effects to repair every place in the vineyard. Glad that you will not have to work alone, you have the help of your friend Simone along with good neighbors.

Main features of Vineyard Valley

  • Rebuilding a beautiful vineyard resort from an old resort, make it great again and attract guests from all over the place.
  • Meet new characters, discover their stories and secrets.
  • Overcome the exciting match 3 puzzle game, not too difficult
  • Activate booster and create more power combos, help you get through the game faster.
  • Compete with other players to climb high positions on the online rankings.
  • Connect with many other players around the world to have the opportunity to unlock special items for your resort

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: Shopping does not reduce money
  • Locked tickets is 10

Download Vineyard Valley MOD APK

This is really a great game when it is combined both interesting gameplay is construction and puzzle style match 3. Moreover Jam City is also a big publisher, famous all over the world, a game company based in the United States. They have been established since 2010, and so far there have been quite a number of game products, especially each of their titles released has received the love of players, each game has achieved 10 to 50 million downloads. And Vineyard Valley continues to be a high quality game that Jam City brings to the entertainment market, you can download it.

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