Warriors of Waterdeep MOD APK v2.5.21 (GOD Mode) Download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Ludia
  • OS Android
  • Size 245M
  • Version 2.5.21
  • MOD Features GOD Mode
  • Get it on Google Play


Ludia – a famous Canadian game company recently released a completely new product called Warriors of Waterdeep. Since the success of Jurassic World Alive, we have not seen this publisher release any other titles. It is not until the present time that it is the end of the 5th year 2019 that they will release this role-playing game. Currently Warriors of Waterdeep has been officially released on Google Play for Android devices. Previously the game was available on Google Play as an experiment. Accordingly Warriors of Waterdeep will be a role-playing game, challenge you to build a heroic army and conquer countless duges with the goal of collecting loot and upgrading.


The Warriors of Waterdeep game brings players to a vast fantasy world. The main content will revolve around Waterdeep, the greatest city on the Sword Beach, which is under threat from all sides by powerful forces. Of course, the people here will not leave the threat, the leader of Laeral Silverhand has summoned heroes from all over the world to fight in the most dangerous locations, in order to defeat the previous enemy. as they approached the gate into the city. Participating in the game, you will play the role of a hero then along with the mighty army to destroy those evil forces. From the starting point at the famous Yawning Portal Inn, your brother will fight against monsters, collect treasures and reach new heights of adventure in the Forgotten Land.

Attractive role-playing gameplay

Warriors of Waterdeep brings a diverse system of characters for you to choose with your adventure during the game experience journey. Your hero will not fight alone but team up with other heroes, so each hero plays a separate role in the team. This dungeon discovery game welcomes players with other modes such as one-player campaign, PvP arena against other gamers’ teams and special events. Just like other role-playing games, you will be given tasks to complete, through which to explore the story as well as develop the power of your character.

The main feature of the Warriors of Waterdeep

  • Along with the characters available as witch Shevarith, cavalry Saarvin, warriors Farideh and many other heroes form a team to fight the enemy
  • The forgotten world will bring many powerful and aggressive monsters like fierce goblins, aggressive giants, relentless corpses … even a very fierce, red dragon. ..
  • Based on character skills, weapons systems and equipment so that your character can be the strongest, unleash powerful combos to defeat the enemy.
  • Diverse map system allows you to explore different places such as the deadly Frostsilver mine or the dangerous Harvestshield mountain. You will be given a choice of rooms to explore, and keep an eye on the secret doors.
  • Join Challenge mode to get great rewards and claim your skills by going deep into dungeons

Amazing photo

Warriors of Waterdeep game will give you a feeling of experience
Greatest experience thanks to high quality 3D graphics, with mysterious visual style, suitable for in-game dungeon scenes. All shapes from characters, monsters, landscapes to equipment are very detailed and eye-catching. With a top-down view, you can easily observe every scene in the game, feasting on exploring mysterious dungeons. The visual effects are well invested.

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