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  • Publisher NEXON
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  • Version 1.0
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World of Dragon Nest APK is a new role-playing action game developed by Eyedentity Games (South Korea) introduced at ChinaJoy 2017. Initially the manufacturer plans to release this multi-platform game, including mobile , PC with Console but no official information so far. And a few days ago, we received the official information that NEXON was responsible for the release of this role-playing game, but only for mobile platforms without any notice to other platforms.

Accordingly, this will be an open world game with familiar non-target action style, like the style of senior Dragon Nest on PC platform many years ago. Currently the game has not been officially released, it is expected to be released by NEXON at the end of July or August. Now we will review a bit about this game for you to learn more about it.

An open world with a unique storyline

NEXON’s new product belongs to the open-world MMORPG genre, where you can explore the world together without going through Dungeons tiered maps like the PC version of Dragon Nest. In contrast, all tasks and activities will now take place at the large picnic map with more interaction and PK activities. At the same time, activities such as fishing, cultivation, gathering, manufacturing and many other things await you to experience in World of Dragon Nest. In general, this open world style will bring a new and exciting experience to players.

Through the main online missions, you will be traveling from the present to the past to unravel the different mysteries and seek the truth about the World of Dragon Nest world. Is the Black Knight Velskud really a hero to be a traitor? … There are many interesting stories waiting for you to discover.

System of characters and weapons

This version of Dragon Nest mobile allows you to choose between two sexes for men and women for all classes of characters present in the game, not even delimit from the beginning as the previous version. And the system of characters in the game is also very diverse in both appearance and fighting skills for you to be able to choose according to your preferences.

Each character class in the mobile game World of Dragon Nest can switch back and forth using any 2 weapons when fighting. Every time you change weapons, the skill system will also change to match that weapon. If you can master this, you can create a chain of continuous combos with powerful damage to enemies in battle. Besides, you are free to combine 20 different skills to fight in the game.

Diverse game modes

Like other role-playing role-playing games, you will be given two main modes of play, PvE and PvP, which will have many other small game modes. With PvE mode, you will complete quests to discover a unique story in World of Dragon Nest. As for PvP mode, you will play with many other players in real-time matches. The most prominent in this game is the PvP battlefield of 200 combatants. 4 teams of 50 players each team will battle in the largest PvP battlefield ever seen by Dragon Nest!

Download World of Dragon Nest APK

As for the image part, World of Dragon Nest APK still has animated graphics style with 3D quality like previous Dragon Nest versions. And of course, this new mobile version will have many visual enhancements to make the game more beautiful than the old Dragon Nest. Overall World of Dragon Nest is a promising product in the near future, we are waiting for this RPG to debut to experience it!

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