WORLD of SUBMARINES MOD APK v1.7 download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher GDCompany
  • OS Android
  • Size 132
  • Version 1.7
  • MOD Features No
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WORLD of SUBMARINES is a new action game that has been interested by many players recently. The game was released by GDCompany in late May. You probably know, this game company has released another extremely interesting action game, Modern Warplanes: Combat Aces PvP Skies Warfare, which has enjoyed the popularity of many gamers around the world. And the newly released WORLD of SUBMARINES game is also very much interested by players, promising to bring great success for GDCompany in the future.

High-level naval battles

The game is developed in the style of shooting action, where you can control a submarine and enter fierce battles. World of Submarines allows you to battle other submarines in thrilling naval battles. The game offers two main modes of play: PvE play according to storyline and real-time PvP online mode. The control system in World of Submarines is quite simple when you can control all the movements of your submarine. With the virtual key set on the left, you control the direction of movement as well as the submarine’s float or sink. Meanwhile, with the right virtual keys, you can adjust your speed, launch torpedoes as well as use some special weapons during the battle.

Another unique feature in World of Submarines is the 4v4 real-time battle mode. From that game mode, eight players face in a giant battle area under the ocean. Your goal is to destroy as many opponents as possible before the time ends. The team that kills more submarines before the specified time ends, becomes the winner. In addition, whenever you win a match, you will receive many experience points and prizes that you can use to improve your fleet.

Main features

  • Participate in extremely realistic high-level naval battles
  • Have the opportunity to own the most modern submarines in the world with tremendous attack power
  • More than 20 different submarines with different designs and strengths
  • Diverse upgrade system for you to customize your submarines and your army
  • Smooth and addictive gameplay
  • Diverse weapons system to equip submarines
  • Fight with other players around the world to see who is the strongest captain
  • High-end graphics are customizable

Not only stand out with dramatic battles, but the game also delivers stunning 3D image quality, creating the most authentic experience. You will be fascinated by the design of the battle submarines, extremely spectacular and eye-catching. With such advanced graphics, the WORLD of SUBMARINES will require gaming devices to have a fairly high configuration to get the best experience. However, the developer has been optimized for all mobile devices by allowing players to adjust the level of graphics, to fit the device with mid-range configurations.


With attractive tactical action gameplay, WORLD of SUBMARINES is being loved by players all over the world. This is really a top-notch game that brings a feeling of true experience like real life rather than simply playing games. Link download the game WORLD of SUBMARINES MOD APK right below, you just need to select the appropriate version for your device.

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