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  • OS Android
  • Size 215M
  • Version 1.5
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Zombie Night Terror is released for mobile right now

Zombie Night Terror is an action adventure game with an interesting zombie theme released long ago for the PC platform. This game is popular with many players and is considered to be one of the best horror strategy games during the game’s release for several months. Recognizing the success of the PC version, Plug in Digital released the game on a mobile platform, so players can easily experience the game.

Plug in Digital has just released a mobile version of Zombie Night Terror in late May for two Android and iOS platforms. However, like the PC version, this game will be a paid game for $ 8.99, a small price for a mobile game. But don’t worry, we will bring you a free version of Zombie Night Terror APK at the end of this article. In the Zombie Night Terror game, players will play the role of a leader making a living pandemic spread throughout the world. Try to turn all the people on earth into evil zombies.

Play tactical theme horror

Zombie Night Terror is set in the earth facing a zombie disaster, where people are known to become thirsty and fast-paced. But the person who caused this disaster, made the world turn upside down. It may sound absurd, but your mission in this Zombie Night Terror game is to complete the whole world rule with Zombie.

Interestingly, in other Zombie themed games, you will play the role of a hero to kill zombies, but in Zombie Night Terror, you play the role of a Zombie to do crazy things. You have the only chance to survive in this world by turning yourself into a zombie then along with your fellow men performing horror missions. With the mission to destroy the world, you need to guide zombies to avoid dangerous traps. You have the right to use mutant genes to upgrade your army and meet the needs of bloodthirsty zombies. You and your companions will have to fight against extremely intelligent humans, a challenge that is not simple for you.

In the game, you will have to overcome more than 40 levels and find more zombie warriors for your army. Along the way, you will have to solve puzzles, fight against strong enemies to survive. The closer you get to the goal of the destruction of the earth, the more difficult the game is, so it is imperative that you focus, dexterity, and calculate more carefully.

Graphic pixel style

In other Zombie theme games, the developer will equip the game with a high quality 3D graphics to bring the vividness and eye-catching to the players. But Zombie Night Terror has a completely different style, which is a pixel-based 2D graphics platform. Thereby, all images in the game are designed from small blocks and quite simple.

Download Zombie Night Terror APK

Zombie Night Terror can be seen as a unique game, developed in a completely opposite style compared to the same games that show nya, both in graphics and gameplay. Therefore, the game received the love of players thanks to the new style. And the following is the link to download Zombie Night Terror game APK for you, in addition to the APK file, you also have to download more OBB files to install the game.

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