Zooba MOD APK v1.27.1 (MOD Skills) download - Fun Shooting Battle

  • App Details
  • Publisher Wildlife Studios
  • OS Android
  • Size 128M
  • Version 1.27.1
  • MOD Features MOD Skills
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Zooba MOD APK is a new action role-playing game that has been interested by a lot of players recently. The game was released by Wildlife Studios, supporting the mobile platform is completely free. Wildlife Studios is a brand new game publisher, they have never released a mobile game before. Only one sports game is in the pre-registration period.

Immediately after being released, the game Zooba: Fun Shooting Battle quickly became known by many players for its unique gameplay and theme. This game is developed with many different combinations such as role-playing, shooting survival. This is a refreshing improvement to the traditional battle royale game, in terms of both gameplay and theme. Instead of roleplaying soldiers like other survival games, in Zooba you will be transformed into lovely animals in the zoo to fight before many opponents.


Zooba: Fun Shooting Battle is set in the zoo with stylized animals with lifelike actions and expressions. You will be immersive in any animal to start your game experience journey. The game brings a lot of animals like tigers, leopards, lions … with different skills to choose from. For example, geckos have the ability to hide themselves from danger, chimpanzees with high skills to turn and descend … each species has different advantages and disadvantages. You will have to gradually unlock those animals during the game, rather than having them available.


Still carrying the traditional gameplay of the Battle Royale series, you will enter the survival battle in the zoo, a playground for 20 people. You will have to collect firearms and supplies such as first aid kits, grenades to defeat other players. The safe area is that forest fires will gradually become smaller and you must move quickly into that area. With an arena of up to 20 different players and the unique skills of each animal, the battles in the game will be extremely unpredictable and dramatic.

You will be playing with a balanced gameplay that combines running and shooting with a bush system, moving in the water (but not using weapons). Thereby you can apply the guerrilla tactics and sneaky in this game.

Main features of Zooba:

  • Fighting in the zoo fun. The battle of 20 people play together
  • Transform into lovely animals and start the exciting battle
  • Diverse maps for you to experience in many different locations
  • Diverse weapon systems for you to choose and upgrade
  • Join the online battle to compete with other players
  • Win to win prizes and items to equip your character
  • Guild system for you to join other players
  • You need a battle card to access exclusive content and daily prizes

MOD feature

  • Unlimited use of sprint skills in combat
  • Can force attacks in the water

Download Zooba MOD APK

Game Zooba: Fun Shooting Battle does not stand out in terms of visuals, as it is only equipped with fairly simple 2D graphics, so we will not evaluate much in this regard. It would be great if the game was developed with vivid 3D graphics. However, the image of the game is still quite eye-catching by creating funny pictures for the animals. Overall this is an interesting game, impressed with the survival game in the zoo. The following will be the download link of Zooba: Fun Shooting Battle MOD APK for you to choose to download.

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