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Most of our game versions exist as APKs. Some games only need to install the APK file that can be played immediately, but there are some games that need to install an OBB file to be able to experience it. So we will guide you how to install the APK game.

How to install APK games (without OBB)

For games in simple APK format, without OBB file, just delete the original version on Google Play, then download our APK file and install it as usual. How to install APK file is no different from installing version on Google Play.

How to install APK game with OBB file

In case the application you want to install has an OBB, you will need to download it with the APK. The obb files downloaded from ModCosy are usually ZIP files in the form Make sure you unzip it and get the folder, there will be a .obb file in this directory.

Copy this folder to the SDCard / Android / obb path. will change depending on the application. For example, Fallout Shelter, the directory containing obb is com.bethsoft.falloutshelter.

After copying the obb folder to the correct address, you just need to open the APK file and install it as usual.

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