Privacy Policy

In order to ensure legal issues, we are required to collect your personal information. You can read the explanations below to understand why we do so.

What do we collect?

  • Your registration information: You will have to provide your display name, email address, avatar, comment or introduction to yourself.
  • Your content: You can create articles, comments or reviews on our website. But you should note that it must be your own posts, information, not a copy of another source. In particular, you may not upload copyrighted images or images containing your location information
  • Browser cookies: We use your browser cookies to save log data
  • Your IP address and user agent: Each time you visit our website, the IP address and agent will be automatically saved.

Your information is managed

The information you provide us will be as secure as possible, we do not bring your information anywhere else. The purpose of collecting your information is to keep the system stable, keep in touch with us and comply with some copyright-related laws.

You can

As mentioned, you can create a MODCosy account to become one of the members of the MODCosy community. You need to have information such as email, display name, password and similar information, you can easily edit this information. We do not require you to use your real name for your account, you can choose any pen you like, we respect your privacy and anonymity!