Terms of Service

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Once you have access to our website, you are required to abide by our policies and regulations and include our Privacy Policy. This is a must, but don’t worry too much, these policies and terms are not difficult or difficult for you. These are policies to bring safety and reliability to each user, including you. We may change some terms, because we cannot keep an idea, we need to bring the best to you so we are not afraid to change.

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To use some of our special services, you need to register for a MODCosy account. If you have to protect your account, if you let other people access your account and take bad actions to MODCosy, you will be responsible. You can use our Services but you cannot own them and take them to other places in your name. Simply put, you cannot use our images or logos in your name.

There will also be non-MODCosy information, but that is information that does not violate any privacy policy or terms of service of any entity, we have censored that information. If there is infringing information, we will immediately delete and the information provider will be responsible.

Copyright issues

We respond to notices of alleged infringement of copyright and terminate account of repeat offenders under the procedures set out in the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The copyright owner manages their intellectual property online through our information provision. If you think someone is violating your copyright, please notify us immediately so we can resolve it and give you reasonable compensation.